NEO Philosophy

“To create a strong, resilient, caring and connected learning community which nurtures the holistic well-being of each child in the context of their family and the wider world.”

Future Aligned Education

We seek to build enquiring minds and passionate spirits through supporting and resourcing our children in exploration and play. Experiences are first-hand and child interest-based and celebrate each child’s ability to make choices and decisions about their own learning scaffolded by Intentional teaching.

Skills for Tomorrow

We value the rich opportunities for learning in both the indoor and outdoor learning environments, in planned and spontaneous experiences and through natural, recycled and open ended materials.

Emotionally Intelligent Facilitators

We collaborate with children, families and community to identify strengths and interests and plan and foster opportunities for children to investigate, create, predict, reflect and discover.

Imagination & Creativity

We support our children to grow in independence and to connect with others, to explore new ideas and the perspectives of others, to develop their imaginations and to celebrate their achievements.

Nature & Technology

We embrace learning as a social experience and nurture collaborative and respectful partnerships between children, educators, families and the wider community.

Backed by Research

We honour and embrace diversity of experience, ability, family and culture. Our goal is that all will feel respected, included and valued.

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