NEO Facilities

“Learning happens everywhere, not just at a desk, or inside a classroom.”

NEO facilities have been designed with the weather in mind; enabling students to learn inside and out, throughout all weather conditions. One of the key elements of our philosophy is that students should not sit for long hours at a desk in a classroom. We have multiple indoor and outdoor learning spaces for our students to be creative, reflective and inspired.

Main Office and Student Conference Room
Surrounded by trees and nature, NEO provides a calm peaceful space for students to engage.

Creation Space – STEAM room
Specially selected plants ensure nature is featured in all learning spaces to bring calm, purify the air, and increase oxygenation levels for students. 

Traditional Palapa
Built by a recognised Costa Rican palapa specialist, the undercover playspace ensures students can burn off energy in all types of weather. 

Traditional Palapa
Students participate in various movement classes, meditation and also use this space as an outdoor classroom.

Creation Space – Main Room
Learning takes place in many areas both inside and out around the school grounds. Airconditioned rooms ensure students learn in comfort on hot days.

Creation Space – Main Room
Students are immersed in a variety of resources, including musical instruments, to stimulate imagination and creativity. 

Offsite Swimming Pool
NEO students access the 25 metre pool offsite for weekly swimming lessons.

Onsite Pool
The onsite pool is used for project-based learning, swimming, water sports, games and free play.

Undercover Outdoor Learning
We provide spaces for outdoor lessons in science, art, and cooking.

Sports Field
Enables students to run barefoot, and freely move on a grass area to build their gross motor skills.

Playground – Coming Soon
With student input, we are currently designing a playground for students to climb, swing, balance, hang, and build their overall physical coordination skills. 

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