About NEO

“Education should be about building a passion for learning and depth of thinking, rather than silently listening in order to repeat old content

NEO School – The Future of Education

At NEO School, we develop a uniquely curated future-focused curriculum alongside world-renowned teachers. Students learn critical thinking, problem-solving, ethical reasoning and entrepreneurship skills, so they are best equipped to find their purpose and understand how to build a meaningful life.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to ensure students develop the critical skills required to navigate and excel within the landscapes of future societies. We equip all students with not only core academics, but ensure they develop psychologically in areas such as grit, optimism, resilience, and mental health skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. These skills are embedded strategically by our specialists, into our unique NEO curriculum.

Why We Are Future Focused

A message from School Director: Kate Jackson
Primary and Secondary School Teacher, Educational Futurist

NEO is the result of more than 20 years of specialising with schools, families and individuals.

Welcome, to the NEO Playa Grande website! Thankyou you for taking the time to read about our school and learn about our innovative system of preparing students to thrive now and in the future.

We believe children thrive in learning environments that foster deep human connection and holistic development. As such, we ensure NEO facilitators are emotionally intelligent and receive ongoing training in various psychological methods so that they can implement these skills with our students.

We value fostering innate human qualities such as imagination, creativity and empathy and design unique curriculum to increase critical thinking and collaborative problem-solving, grit/resilience, understanding of the self and others, and how to build a meaningful, fulfilling life. Finding and fostering the passions of every student is an essential part of the NEO pedagogy; as such, students are able to collaborate with NEO facilitators and influence their own education.

Our unique curriculum is designed by specialists to ensure that NEO students will make emotionally intelligent and resilient leaders who are able to harness technology, think through choices, analyse data to make rational decisions, collaborate with others, resolve conflict, and value a growth mindset.

I warmly welcome you to join NEO as either a facilitator or family, and experience the difference and benefits of a future-focused, ever-evolving curriculum.

The Technology Snowball

Technology is compounding in complexity and momentum. Like a technology snowball, each discovery excels the next. At no time in history has there been such exponential technology growth; we teach NEO students how to harness these new tools to their advantage, whilst staying engaged in the world and nature around us.

What We Believe and Value

Our children are heading into a future few can imagine. The skills they learn throughout their school years will determine how well they adjust and function in that future.

We believe in fostering an unlimited mindset and multi-disciplinary abilities such as entrepreneurial skills, critical thinking, constructive debating, and ethical reasoning.

We value nurturing innate human tendencies such as empathy, imagination and creativity, and believe them to be amongst the most valuable skills for the future.

We believe in individualized student-driven learning, and aiding students to find their purpose.

We believe in students developing their own technological tool kit to design unique solutions to future problems.

The Nutshell

Put simply – children are entering into a technologically-driven future that few can imagine. The jobs of the future and the skills required to do them will be fundamentally different, with AI replacing many professions. Common school curriculum, designed for the industrial era, is not preparing students sufficiently to navigate and excel within the landscapes of future societies. This makes global change in education urgent. NEO draws on expert knowledge to create that change.

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