Welcome to NEO School Playa Grande

Future-focused, purposeful education.

NEO Private School: Uniquely Curated Educational Experiences

NEO Playa Grande is an innovative new school designed and curated Kate Jackson, a primary and secondary teacher. Kate works with a team of internationally recognised and local educators who believe in preparing students with real-world skills for the future.

NEO curriculum is designed, evaluated, and constantly improved in order to evolve a new age system of schooling, genuinely aligned with our children’s needs for the future.

At NEO you will find the best elements of Montessori and mainstream embedded into our uniquely created and ever-evolving curriculum.


International School Immersed in Nature

In an age of climate change, we believe that learning to love, respect and regenerate nature is paramount. Students at NEO develop, nurture and harvest from the school ‘food forest’. Sprouting seeds, nurturing seedlings, and daily garden maintenance are integral elements of understanding food systems and how to repair the damage of past generations. 

Our Philosophy

At NEO School we believe in building the ‘whole human’ and developing a life-long love of learning. Curriculum is individualised, and students engage in developmentally appropriate, purposeful learning.   

Curriculum That Inspires

Hands-on, project-based, interdisciplinary learning experiences build intrinsic motivation as students understand the purpose and relevance of NEO learning in their lives.

Skills for The Future

We teach critical thinking, problem-solving, ethical reasoning, entrepreneurship and how to build a meaningful life – key skills to thrive in the new world.

Kate and Team

Kate is a primary and secondary teacher, and education futurist. Kate is the Director of NEO School.

Parent Testimonial

“I got home from a lovely time with my children today and all of the other families at NEO. I sat on my bed and started reading the report cards. I’m sitting here crying, and amazed. Kate, with the help of your teachers, you have created something priceless. The words on the report card are something every child deserves to hear. The report card was so personal, loving, respectful and written with so much care. It’s so positive and so empowering. How you treat our kids is the absolute best. The reason this is priceless is besides the amazing activites and content they are experiencing, they are getting their emotional needs met at school. This is pricesless and rare. Thank you and your team for this incredible, truly incredible work.”


Inspiring Critical Thinking

Kate has worked with Astra Nova School for the past three years and trains teachers internationally in implementing their curriculum in the form of Conundrums – which inspire critical thinking. From 5 years of age, NEO students begin to learn ethical reasoning, critical thinking, and collaborative problem-solving through guided sessions in our Conundrum conference room. 

Setting Up Children With the Skills for Tomorrow

Providing a balance of nature immersion alongside technological literacy is a carefully curated balance within the learning environment at NEO. With a focus on harnessing technology to develop unlimited creators, NEO students learn how to code, use 3D design software, and program the 3D printer to bring their creations to life. 

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